Why Choose Box Lunches

The debate over what is better to serve a busy group of lunch guests is alive and well, to serve platters of sandwiches or boxed lunches. Although there is a time and a place for each style of service, it makes a difference as to what the host puts in front of the guests.

Want trays…no problem. We aim to please even if trays are your thing. Order for your group by the number of each item you would like and we will happily put the sandwiches and cookies on platters with individual bags of chips and everything that comes in a boxed lunch on the side. Same price…we kept it simple.

There are 5 major advantages to serving boxed lunches that may not be evident to everyone, but in our experience we have found that boxes can make for a much smoother, quicker lunch service.

These five advantages are:

1. It’s easier for guests! It’s easier to distinguish what they are getting and they still have choices with how each item/box is labeled (on trays the types of sandwiches aren’t well defined, guests don’t always know what they are
choosing). This also makes it easier for the planner / coordinator by not having to answer questions…everything is spelled out.

2. Everyone gets one of everything! No more issues with running out of some items for the last people in the line.

3. It’s Fast! Rather than guests choosing and picking out one of this and one of that, the time it takes to serve a group is much shorter (especially good for larger groups).

4. It’s clean! The quality and looks to a buffet always diminish the more people that go through it. With boxes, appearance never suffers as service continues.

5. It’s personal! We can also identify boxes by name if there are specific wants or needs from any of the guests…or it can be labeled with a name and made “just for you.”

Why use The Box Lunch Guys?

  • Delivery is available (on orders over $100) and we don’t charge delivery fees! We only ask that all orders must be placed no later than 2 PM the day prior to delivering.
  • We guarantee we’ll be on time. Your time is valuable…especially when you have a group of people on a time table. Give us a 15-minute window to arrive with your order, and if we arrive more than 5 minutes past that window we will give you $100 off your next order.
  • Quality is our benchmark. We’ve been voted best sandwiches in San Antonio multiple times by multiple polls.

The Box Lunch Guys…putting San Antonio’s best sandwiches in boxes just for you.